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Suisse Sport Alpine Adult Mummy Double Layer Sleeping Bag Review

In the wake of all the fun, excitement and adventure you’re going to experience outdoors, you shouldn’t forget the trusty companion – your sleeping bag. It should be a part of the foremost items in your shopping list for the upcoming camping trip. This is what makes sleeping out in the cold nights comfortable. However, chances are that you might be finding it hard to decide on the best slumber bag for your trip. Factors that you need to consider include the temperature rating, the comfort, durability, size when packed and the cost.

The Suisse Sport Alpine Adult Mummy sleeping bag can come to your aid. It is quite light, easily packed and carried, and great for cold weather. It is a cold weather mummy-style sleeping bag – cozy and comfortable. The Alpine sleeping bag may actually satisfy all of your needs and relieve you from the task of searching any further.

Suisse Sport Alpine Adult Mummy Double Layer Sleeping Bag

1. Excellent cold weather Mummy sleeping bag that can keep you warm and cozy in temperatures even as low at 5 degrees Fahrenheit
2. Lightweight
3. Stylish
4. Comes with 3 pounds of synthetic fill (Hollowblend Microtekk Z1)
5. Double layer quilt providing greater warmth (uses off-set construction of the quilt)
6. Soft polyester lining
7. Light compression sack for easy transport
8. Fits people up to 6’2” tall
9. Machine washable


  • High-quality insulation for warmth
  • Perfect for cold weather camping
  • No cold spots (eliminated by the double layer quilt)
  • Plenty of room
  • Can be rolled up into a tight bundle


  • Moderate loss of heat when the sleeping position changes
  • Zipper line could be difficult to manage

Suisse Sport Alpine Adult Mummy Double Layer Sleeping Bag Review:  4.7/5