Best Sleeping Bag Reviews

When it comes time to find the best sleeping bag for your next camping trip there are several things you need to consider before making a purchase.  You will want to determine what type of temperatures you plan on camping in because not all sleeping bags are made for all temperatures.  You will also want to consider how far you will be carrying your bag because if you plan on long treks then a more compact sleeping bag may be best for you.

With that being said, below you will find our sleeping bag reviews and our top 3 choices based on camping conditions:

Best Extreme Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Mummy Bag

The Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Mummy Bag is the perfect choice for those who will be sleeping in extreme conditions.  With 54 ounces of  insulation, this sleeping bag will keep you warm in temperatures down to 0-degrees.

The Coleman North Rim Zero-degree Mummy Sleeping Bag measures 32-inches by 82-inches and will fit most people up to 6 feet 2 inches. This bag features Fiberlock which prevents insulation from shifting and a Thermlock zipper which reduces heat loss through the zipper. This sleeping bag is designed to give you the ideal protection and warmth for  overnight stays in extremely cold weather.

Conclusion:  This sleeping bad is ideal for those who will be sleeping in extreme temperature down to 0 degree Fahrenheit or even for moderately cold temperatures.

Best Cool Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Green Valley Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Green Valley Cool-Weather Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for camping in cool weather between 30 and 50 degrees.  It features the ThermoLock zipper which reduces heat loss through the zipper and the Comfort Cuff which surrounds your face with softer material.

The Coleman Green Valley sleeping bag is durably constructed of a polyester cover with soft, cozy cotton-flannel lining.  It contains 3 pounds of insulation to keep you warm for the entire night and the QuickCord provides quick and tie-free closure of the sleeping bag when it comes time to pack up and head out.

Conclusion:  Ideal for the average camper who wants a comfortable, warm and durable sleeping bag at a very reasonable price.

Best Compact Sleeping Bag

Suisse Sport Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

The Suisse Sport Adult Adventurer Mummy Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for those looking for a light weight, easy to carry sleeping bag.  It is ideal for hikers who have a long trek and what a sleeping bag that is as light as possible.

The Suisse Sport Adventurer sleeping bag only weighs 2.9 pounds and compresses down to 12 x 7 x 7 inches when put in it’s stuff sack.   Even though it is incredibly compact, it is still very warm and comfortable.   It’s 100-percent polyester ripstop outer and inner lining and double-layer construction allow it to have a 30-degree F temperature rating.

Conclusion:  The ideal choice for hikers who want a very lightweight sleeping bag to carry and who are not going to be in extreme conditions.

These are 3 great options for sleeping bags for all conditions.  Determine what type of conditions you plan to be sleeping in and then make sure to check out all of our best sleeping bag reviews to find the one that is right for you.